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BCAA’s + Electrolytes


In order to rebuild and grow new cells, the body needs the building blocks of protein called amino acids. There are twenty amino acids in total, eleven of which are made in the body (non-essential) and nine that must come from our diet or supplements (essential). The Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are a group of just three essential amino acids: LeucineIsoleucine and Valine. The most common use is for muscle loss prevention, but the potential benefits go beyond as BCAAs can play several roles in the body.

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Muscle Loss Prevention

BCAAs can help diminish muscle loss when calorie intake is reduced, sparing lean muscle mass in favor of body fat. Supplementing with BCAAs on a calorie-restricted diet allowed individuals to maintain muscle mass while still losing weight.

Increase Fat Oxidation For Fat Loss

BCAA supplementation may help shift the body from using carbohydrates as the energy source to burning fat, called fat oxidation, which is particularly helpful for individuals trying to lose weight.

Appetite Suppression

The branched-chain amino acid Leucine plays a direct role in appetite suppression. Leucine stimulates mTOR, which is a growth factor for muscles. Supplementation with leucine plays a role in the brains’ detection of nutrient availability. As mTOR levels increase, the brain senses that nutritional needs have been met and signals of satiety are sent to stop eating more.

Immun Function

All three BCAAs perform individual and collective roles. Besides being necessary for protein production, they are also an important fuel source for these cells. Isoleucine increases levels of β-defensin, an antimicrobial compound. Leucine supports the body’s general immune health and how it adapts to pathogens. Valine increases dendritic cell function which sounds the alarm and signals the presence of toxic substances in the body.